Community Learning Association Through Schools

CLASS is an organisation which advocates for ongoing recognition of the importance of Adult and Community Education in schools within New Zealand. We represent schools from all around the country and support lifelong learning opportunities for all so that we may enrich our communities and help to grow the economic and social well-being of our country.

About CLASS…

We are here to help you find schools in your community that provide learning opportunities for adults which are high quality, fun-filled and affordable. Our mission is to advocate for the importance of lifelong and continued education through schools.

We regularly engage with local and government organisations to ensure members of our community continue to have access to affordable, high quality learning opportunities which lead to further education and/or employment.

Our organisation holds quarterly executive meetings as well as an annual conference for all our members.

We are a passionate, dedicated and determined group with a shared vision for our communities.

Our core focus is to represent members of our communities at both local and government levels and to advocate for the right to open, accessible, affordable and high quality short courses. These courses are important in helping to build confidence, enable stronger communities, foster growth and provide opportunities. We firmly believe that the social benefits of ACE delivered through schools continues to be of significant value to New Zealand.

Building Confidence

Adult and Community Education courses in schools have been designed to give our adult learners the ability to gain confidence to engage with their communities, pursue further education and/or enter the workforce!

Stronger Communities

We advocate for stronger communities together, through participation in courses which empower, enrich and encourage. It is only when our minds are engaged and challenged that we can be active in strengthening our community.

Lifelong Learning

We support lifelong learning for adults. There are learning opportunities to be had at every stage of our lives, and our short courses provide the perfect environment to start that journey. We believe your potential is ever growing so join us and UNLEASH it… ACE your Potential!

CLASS Executive

Linda Melrose

Linda is Director of ACE
at Onehunga High School

Andrea Cameron

Andrea is Director of ACE
at Rutherford College.

Anne Cave
Executive Member

Anne is Director of ACE
at Selwyn College.

Nigel Sutton
Executive Member

Nigel is Director of ACE
at Wellington High School.

Judith Havill
Executive Member

Judith is Director of ACE
at Tawa College.